vineri, 13 octombrie 2017

Swarrrm - Against Again (2000)
If you read reviews about Swarrrm you will find out that they are labeled like a grind / death / experimental band. Well, maybe they can be called experimental band, but death / grind it's not the right label for Swarrrm. Anyway, lately i don't really give a shit about genres. If a band play fast, it's noisy and chaotic then it's my jam.
I'm not a good writer and i don't write long reviews about bands (you can find other blogs with other talented guys and girls who do that on their blogs) but at lest i try to give you a hint about all the bands and records i posted here. So let's see, if you will give a try and will listening Swarrrm, you will hear lots of genres blended in their songs. Sometimes chaotic, furious then falling in slow and / or fast melodious parts then burst into black metal and / or death metal, a bit of grindcore.....
I really not know how the fuck i label this band, but for sure they know how to play fast and captivate your attention. 
So lets try again. here you have Swarrrm, another fucking great band from Japan !!!!!!  DOWNLOAD

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